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We are a team of highly experienced professionals with more than five years of experience.

Our team consist of specialists from various niches:

  • carpenters
  • plasterers
  • plasterers
  • painters
  • plumbers

The results of our work can be seen, amongst others, in exhibited spaces such as the Vascobelo V-bar on the Lijnbaan in Den Haag.
In addition to many successful projects in the Netherlands as subcontractors, we also worked in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
Our services are not only aimed at companies and restaurants, but also home and apartment owners. Even in the case of a complete renovation our team can make it happen for you.


What is acoustic spraying ceiling?

Learn more about this revolutionary interior finishing and soundproofing technique.

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Reviews & Feedback

  • Last year we added extra insulation to a part of our restaurant, after a few local residents had indicated that they experienced some problems with the amount of noise our guests make late in the evening. With a highly skilled team, Czart treated the room with an acoustic spray within a timeframe of just a few days, resulting in the noise level being much lower now. We are very satisfied and so are the neighbors!

    A van Dijk
  • I asked Czart for help because my loft apartment echoed too much, even after I organized and placed all the furniture inside. As a result, I felt more like standing in a ballroom instead of my own home, and so I opted for acoustic spray. The space now sounds much better; the echo has almost disappeared and I can have nice conversations again with friends in the living room!

  • We have hired the services and expertise of Czart for two larger lecture halls, so that the sound inside would become somewhat more stable. One of the halls is also being used by third parties, and we had already been informed a few times that the room echoes somewhat due to the height of the ceiling. After Czart applied the acoustic spray and also expertly re-plastered the walls and ceiling, the acoustics in the room are again pleasant and precise in terms of volume. We are very happy with the work and execution!

    Joost P.


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