Residential Services

Our services are specifically aimed at improving the acoustics in a room or space, both for business and private purposes.

There are various reasons why someone would like to acoustically improve or adapt a room:

  • Limiting noise pollution for local residents
  • Make the room sound-insulating
  • Eliminating an echo and/or reverb in a space
  • Provide a space with extra thermal insulation
  • Improve the acoustics in a multimedia room
  • Create a space with perfect acoustics for musicians and people playing an instrument
  • Create a nice space that is peaceful and quiet enough to study
  • Ideal for pleasant and quiet bedrooms for children that sleep restlessly
  • Evens out otherwise uneven surfaces
  • Suitable for all types of interior finishes: also very uneven or unusual

It is also possible to soundproof any space by using a special dry injection method that is applied in the ceilings. In addition to the acoustic spray, we also offer additional services such as painting work, plastering of walls and ceilings, carpentry and also the necessary electrical and plumbing jobs.

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